Multi-million Dollar Upgrades!

New Bunkhouses! View the progress >

Brandnew-er bunkhouses #milliondollarupgrade

Brand-new activities!

New! This summer - Segway riding @TheZone
New! This summer - Bungee Trampoline @TheZone
Gaming-er VR! plus new games

...and MORE upgrades!

Bluer skies in more mountain views
Classier updated designer bunkhouse interiors
Louder sound system and improved acoustics
slushier - keep cool with slush
BFF-ier - Spend time with the best friends ever
Bigger ampitheater
Juicier Zoniac Burgers
Flashier DMX lighting
Cozyer lounges designed for chilling
Comfyer memory foam mattresses
Charged-er USB hubs and more outlets
Zone-ier - experience all new Zoniaction!
Sunnier pergola lounge deck
Splashier moon-bounce on the lake
Speedyer go-karts
Roomier - more space for your stuff
Plusher new carpet