TheZone FAQs

TheZone is located deep in the picturesque Catskill Mountains, about an hour west of Hunter Mountain and approximately 3-4 hours from NYC. Get directions
Each modern bunkroom houses ten to fifteen campers with two counselors. Campers are grouped based on school grade. Each camper is able to submit bunkmate requests through the parent dashboard, and we do our best to accommodate these requests while providing the important opportunity for each camper to meet new friends at camp.
We understand that a camp is only as good as its staff and therefore choosing the ideal staff is a top priority for TheZone. We hire highly motivated counselors, athletes, educators, and camping professionals, who come to us with spirit, a commitment to children, love for camp, and the recognition that every staff member is an educator and role model to our campers. All staff are interviewed extensively, are required to attend an intensive staff orientation, and receive continued guidance throughout the summer from our experienced head staff.
Children come to camp on air-conditioned, bathroom and video-equipped coach buses. Experienced staff members escort the campers on each bus. There is departure from numerous locations including Brooklyn, Queens, Monsey, Teaneck, Baltimore, Toronto, and Lakewood. Details on specific locations may vary from year to year and is sent to each registered camper well before the session begins.
Our campers and staff tell us our food is excellent! Meals are served by our kitchen staff and campers sit by bunk. We serve three well-balanced, child friendly meals each day, with lunch and dinner offering a full salad bar. In addition to our chefs, we have a camp baker preparing homemade treats. We also serve a snack during the day, which include fresh fruit, cookies and juice. Canteen orders are submitted every morning and delivered at rest period. Divisions often visit the canteen during rest hour for treats such as pizza, fries, ice cream, slushies, or after night activity for meat salads, wraps, chicken nuggets, and much more!
WE ARE A NUT-SENSITIVE AND SESAME-SENSITIVE CAMP. We have many campers who have SEVERE allergies. TheZone kitchen and canteen do not prepare and serve any food products that contain peanuts, tree nuts or sesame, or offer products that are labeled “made in a facility that processes nuts.” Any snacks brought camp must follow these guidelines as well.
Packages are allowed.
There is no day that is “typical” at TheZone! Our daily schedule offers the perfect combination of relaxation, sports, specialties, swimming and special programs. We want to provide every camper with an enjoyable, well-rounded and wholesome total camp experience, while also allowing them to develop their own skills.
There is a designated day called “Visiting Day” for all family members and friends to come visit camp. Visiting Day is always a great day for our campers and visitors, and runs from 11:30 am – 4:00 pm. We respectfully ask all parents to limit visitation to this day. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate parents who are not able to make it on Visiting Day. Under no circumstances will unauthorized visitors be permitted on campgrounds on non-visiting days. This creates the ideal environment for our campers to overcome homesickness and thrive in camp. Please be assured that we will be in touch with you should there be any issue with your child. You may also check on your child’s activities and view daily photos and weekly videos. This is the best way to staying current with your camper during the summer! We post hundreds of photos each day.
Each camper has a weekly time slot to call home. The call schedule will be emailed to you at the beginning of the summer so you can be available at the correct time. We encourage good, old-fashioned letter writing as the best way to communicate with your camper. Campers love getting regular mail from their family and friends! Campers write home regularly. In addition, parents may e-mail their girls at, and boys at E-mails from parents are printed out and distributed to campers daily.
To encourage a healthy, focused, and interactive summer, all cell phones are collected on the first day of camp. Any camper found with a phone after that time will have their phone confiscated and not returned. TeenZone campers have an hour of phone time daily.

We understand that some campers have iPhones or other smartphones which can serve as a music player and camera. Unfortunately, even without a SIM card, iPhones and smartphones can easily access the Internet, which is not appropriate for camp. These devices will be collected as well.
Boys: Campers may wear any short sleeved shirt and long or short pants. Sleeveless shirts and sleeveless undershirts are not allowed.

Girls: Campers must wear skirts out of the bunkhouse. The length of the skirt must extend below the camper’s fingertips when the camper’s arms are extended at her sides. Shirts must have sleeves (cap sleeves permitted) and necklines should not be inappropriately revealing, see-through, or cut.
We will post a packing list outlining everything you need for the summer a several months before the summer. We strongly discourage campers from bringing any expensive electronic equipment or clothing items. Please do not send expensive watches, jewelry, laptops, portable gaming systems, or other valuable items. They can easily be lost or prove to be a temptation which some may find difficult to resist.
TheZone offers an in-house laundry service once a week. We do not encourage sending delicate or expensive clothing items, as they may not be washed with the recommended settings.
Every-day trips and activities are included in the tuition. As campers may want to buy souvenirs or extra snacks, we do recommend sending a small amount of spending money to be kept in the office.