Kars For Kids

What We Love About TheZone


Kars For Kids is a nationally recognized Jewish nonprofit organization that funds educational, mentoring and youth programs across the country. They have grown to be a household name through their recognizable jingle and the many charitable community programs which they sponsor, such as TheZone.

Kars for Kids aims to provide children with the tools they need to develop into productive and well-rounded members of their communities. With its tremendous impact on a child's growth, summer camp is one important way to achieve this goal.

With two beautiful resort facilities in upstate New York, TheZone summer camps and year round programs give hundreds of children a chance to connect with mentors and friends, learn more about their heritage and gain skills for life in a serene country setting. From nurturing independence and responsibility through fostering teamwork and goalsetting, TheZone’s program is carefully crafted to impart invaluable skills and values. Workshops develop creativity and confidence. Intimate exposure to animals and nature allows latent skills to blossom.

Kars for Kids funds its educational initiatives through a nationwide car donation program, offering free, convenient pickup of vehicles in any condition. If you have a car that you’re not sure what to do with, you can give it a new lease on life by donating it to Kars for Kids and providing a child with an enriching summer.