About Oorah

Oorah Sponsors Jewish Summer Camp

Summer camps are a place for children to develop skills and responsibility in a safe and fun environment. In keeping with Oorah's mission to provide year-round activities and educational programming to Jewish children and their families, Oorah helps provide this opportunity for your child at a fraction of the cost other camps charge. At an Oorah camp, the staff is able to tailor the activities and the educational programming to the unique needs of Oorah’s families and children.

History of Oorah's Camps

Throughout the years, Oorah sponsored Jewish summer camp attendance for Oorah tuition scholarship recipients. This enabled the children to remain in a positive Jewish environment during the summer months. In 2003, Oorah was offered the keys to a functioning Jewish summer camp. The camp was a hit with Jewish girls from across New York and New Jersey.

In 2006, Oorah purchased and renovated the former Golden Acres resort in Gilboa NY, creating a new home for GirlZone complete with top amenities and a sprawling campus. In 2009, Oorah purchased the nearby Scotch Valley resort and created another state-of-the-art camp facility, BoyZone, in the former ski resort. The two camps later became known collectively as TheZone.

Oorah Sponsors Year-Round Events

At TheZone camps, the staff constantly plans new ways to enhance the camp experience for the campers. They organize a series of enjoyable reunions and exciting programs throughout the year and Oorah helps subsidize these events as well. These events and programs include Holiday Retreats, Shabbatons, trips, and year-round get-togethers. With entertainment and activities all year long, TheZone is truly more than just a camp.

To learn more about TheZone’s sponsor, Oorah, Visit Oorah.org