Events at TheZone


Shavous 2024 - Boys ages 11+-Jun. 11-Jun. 13

Bussing will be based on demand. Leaving Tuesday Morning and returning Thursday Night

Boys - Second Days Pesach 2024-Apr. 28-Apr. 30

Busses will leave on Sunday, Erev Yom Tov, and depart back to the same locations on Tuesday, Motzai Yom Tov. All busses will be based on demand.

Girls SIX FLAGS Shabbos Chol Hamoed Pesach Trip-Apr. 25-Apr. 27

Busses will leave Thursday Morning to Six Flags, then continue to camp Thursday Night and depart Motzei Shabbos evening back to the same location. Further details will be provided closer to the event. All Busses are based on demand.