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Events at TheZone


Shavuos 2023-May. 25-May. 27

Departing Thursday morning, May 25

Lakewood: 9:30 AM - Oorah office- 1805 Swarthmore Ave

Brooklyn: 10 AM - 21st Ave between 53rd and 54th St

Queens: 11 AM - YCQ- 147-37 70th Rd

Staten Island: 11 AM- Young Israel- 835 Forest Hill Rd

Buses will depart camp after the holiday, Motzei Shabbos evening, May 27, at 10:15 PM, returning to the same departing location.

Second Days Pesach 2023 Boys ages 11+-Apr. 11-Apr. 13

Busses will leave on Tuesday, Erev Yom Tov, and depart back to the same locations on Thursday night, Motzai Yom Tov. All busses will be based on demand.

Girls Pesach Chol Hamoed Trip-Apr. 9-Apr. 10

Busses will leave Sunday Morning to camp and depart Monday evening back to the same location. Further details will be provided closer to the event. All Busses are based on demand.